Why organic food is important for health and benefits of having organic food

Why do people need to know about organic food?

Are organic foods fresher and healthy? Why you should go for organic foods? We will know all about organic foods here.

What are Organic Foods?

Organic foods, grown and processed food formed by organic farming methods. Organic food is grown with no use of synthetic chemicals, such as artificial pesticides and fertilizers, and does not hold genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Organic foods contain fresh manufacture, meats, and dairy products as well as processed foods such as nuts, drinks, and frozen meat. Since the late 20th-century organic foods have grown in a large quantity.

 Healthy Organic Foods

Why are people going for organic foods?

Organic foods are chemical Free

People select organic due because it is healthy for our body. All the organic foods are prepared and grown in the natural environment. So they have no chemicals like fungicides, disinfectants. It is encouraging to visualize unborn babies protected and safe in the womb, but Environmental Working Group,  Research shows that chemicals in the form of pesticides in food and other pollutants cross the placenta. So organic foods are recommended for a healthy society.

Organic nutrition best for health

Research has indicated that the engulfing of a small number of pesticides can increase the risk of certain cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Children and fetuses problems

Pesticide introduction can harm them as their immune systems, bodies, and brains are still developing. Introduction at an early age may cause developmental delays, behavioural disorders, autism, immune system disorders, and emotional problems.

Pregnant women problems

Pesticides and other chemicals create depression and stress in pregnant women. These chemicals can be passed from mother to child in the womb, as well as through breast milk. So these are harmful to the health of the baby and pregnant women. Many researchers link pesticides to low birth rates, birth defects, neurological and behavioural problems, disrupted hormone function, autism, and cancer. Recent evidence suggests that these organic foods play important roles in preventing cancer and heart disease.

Organic foods have improved nutritional diet

EU study shows that the number of specific nutrients, including omega-3, fatty acids, was up to 50 percent higher in organic meat and milk than in old developed methods. The animals and plant are grown and developed on the natural lands and nature feed them. So they absorb the best mineral present in the region. So they have high nutrients, hormones, minerals, and oxidants.

Organic nutrition improves immune system

Organic food is the best source of natural mineral vitamins and oxidants, so it helps to stop the diseases and also boost the immune system. It help childrens to avoid any chemicals, which cause problems in the body, These foods help the youth to become physically and mentally strong.

Major Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods are free from chemicals like herbicides and pesticides.

  • Organic foods are fresh and they are available as they exist.
  • Organic farming is better for the environment as it helps to build a healthy and eco-friendly environment.
  • Organically developed animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or fed animal by-products, so they have healthy meat and milk.
  • Organic meat and milk are better for health due to richer in specific nutrients
  • Organic foods are free from genetic modification.
  • Organic Foods are now affordable due to positive impacts on health and society.
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Healthy Organic Pictures/Images

Now the world is going to shift toward Organic societies instead of conventional societies. People are more conscious about their health and family health. They want safe and healthy food instead of cheap foods. Current researches have shown a great diversion toward natural and fresh foods and more.

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