Why Organic Food is Expensive?

Prices are higher than traditional food products why?

Organic foods are pure and healthy food for human beings and domestic animals. We need certified pure and healthy foods in the market. Organic foods give advantages in many ways like improving health, eco-friendly farming, disease-free environment,  and soil friendly. Organic foods add natural ingredients to your health and provide extra energy.

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According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and United Nations (UN), Organic foods are expensive due to the following reasons.

Limited Organic Farming:

The organic foods are grown in limited quantity but their consumption is higher than production. Due to expensive organic products, people go for cheaper traditional products and buy according to their financial budget. So, few numbers of farmers go for organic farming.

Production Costs:

Organic food production costs are higher due to less advancement of technology.

More Labour Required:

  • Organic foods required more labour than traditional foods so cost is high. Labours’ cost is higher than chemicals so products become higher if the quality of food is not deteriorated.

Marketing and Distribution Costs:

  • Marketing and the distribution of organic foods and products are relatively higher than traditional. No effective system for the fast and safe transport of organic foods introduced yet.

Chemical-free Foods:

  • Foods are chemical-free and they will be treated in a natural environment only. Then the cost becomes high.

Expensive Bio Fertilization:

  • Organic farmers avoid inexpensive and chemical fertilizers so the cost becomes high.

Crop Rotation:

  • For crop rotation, there is needed a specific time to maintain the fertility of the land. So the cost becomes high due to lower areas for organic foods.

Certification Charges:

  • Organic foods certification requires a specific fee that is paid by the farmers. So Organic foods price going higher due to confirmation of purity.

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How these costs will balance with traditional food costs?

If we want to promote organic, healthy and chemical-free then we will have to follow these steps.

More Growth:

If we motivate farmers to go for organic foods, then more food availability will lower the costs. More fields should be reserved for organic farming. If the growth of the product will increase then competition among farmers increases this will lower down the product cost.

More Sales:

 There are problems for organic food preservation If sales increase then farmers will go for more growth then it will lower food costs. Consumers should prefer certified organic food to promote this field.


If the Govt provides subsidies to organic farming, then farmers will motivate them to grow more. Then the subsidy will selfly reduce the organic foods cost. Indian Govt has taken initiatives to promote organic farming

Free Certification: 

Govt should establish and organize free certification for organic farming. Organic foods producers should provide opportunities to get certificates to boost up their sales.

Indian Government Initiatives:

 Indian Govt is favouring and allocating a special budget for organic farming. This step motivated the farmers to shift toward organic foods. Govt is subsidizing the farmers to grow more organic products.

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