Why organic Farming is important?

Importance of Organic Farming

Why organic Farming is important?

We all know about the world trend toward fresh, pure and healthy organic foods, which led to the emergence of organic farming. In order to live healthy, now people search for the best quality food material instead of cheaper supermarket material. Organic foods are grown, processed, managed, and dissemination of food all over the country and the world is done in the natural environment. Organic farming was started by the US in the middle of the 20th century, but it has spread all over the world in the last two decades. Now India, Brazil, Thailand, and Australia and other major countries have taken steps to boost it up. These foods have a special place in the world due to healthier, fresh, and nutrient-rich. Organic farming is becoming more important for the economy and healthy growth of any country due to its enormous demand as people are shifting towards consuming organic foods.  

 In this article, we will see the key importance of organic farming;


In this article, we will see the key importance of organic farming;

1:- Source of Healthy Organic Foods

In a very simple, organic farming is a technique through which we get fresh, healthy, chemical-free and nutrient-rich foods. It is helping in eliminating fatal diseases like diabetes, obesity and gastrointestinal problems. It provides pure and healthy nutrients for baby foods. 

2:- Nutrients Rich Food

Organic farming gives surety for providing nutrient-rich food material. All the foods are pure and chemical-free.

3:- Organic Manure

Organic farming is done with the use of organic manure that is an alternative to chemical fertilizers. So, we can say organic food is grown without the use of any chemical, synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides. 

4:- Sustainable Agriculture

Organic farming is also called smart farming technique due to the wise use of available resources. We can conserve our resources for future generations.

5:- Eco-friendly Farming

Organic farming is Eco-Friendly Farming that helped us to save our environment. It also limited the use of chemicals that were destroying the fresh air and soil. It helped us to reduce environmental pollution.

6:- Reduce Diseases

It helped us to reduce the diseases which were spread due to the use of chemicals in non-organic farming. We can say due to the non-use of chemicals, respiratory and heart diseases will reduce.

7:- Improve Soil physical properties:

It has improved the soil’s physical properties like easy root penetration, ploughland, water-holding properties, and reduces erosion.

8:- Improve Soil Chemical Properties

It helped to improve the soil’s chemical properties like absorption and supply of nutrients to plants, reduce water loss, the favourable chemical reaction for fertility.

Benefits to Farmers 

Organic Farming has provided many advantages for organic farmers.

ü Organic farming is based on no use of expensive chemical fertilizers. So farmers get the advantage of natural fertilizers.

ü Organic farming provides a healthy environment to its labour, so they enjoy their health too.

ü Organic farming is based on no use of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, so it reduces environmental pollution.

ü It saves the pollution of groundwater by stopping the use of chemicals.

ü Organic farming provides the habitat to animals that need a natural environment.

Natural, Pure, Organic Farming

In Short, we can see farmers shifting toward organic farming by posting the following techniques.

v Crop rotation

v Natural/ Biopesticides

v Organic pastures

v Pure meat, eggs, and fruits

Govt should provide subsidies to organic farmers to protect the health of citizens and a healthy environment. Govt interests will motivate more farmers toward organic farming. Hence, organic Farming is important very much in these modern days.

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