Top countries to lead organic Food world in Future

Which country would lead the organic food and farming in the world? Which country has maximum exports in the world? Which country has the largest imports in the world? To know all the answers to this question please read this article.

Organic farming generates more profit and yields healthy products. It has played its role in providing food to a fastly growing world population.

Before going to discuss the leading organic farming nations we have to know about the following countries.

The USA: a world-leading to the consumers of organic food. It provides the marketplace to the whole world

Australia: World largest land area for organic farming

India: It has the world’s largest producers and it the fastest growing economy in south Asian countries.

Organic Farming

  1. Denmark 

The citizens of Denmark are very curious about their health. So the govt took many initiatives about their health and food. Danish peoples are considered as pro-organic consumers in the world. According to current research, Danish people are buying the highest %age of organic food among the word. They are buying 13.3% and are top of the buyer list. Govt took initiatives to change their agriculture to organic food farms. Govt has spent a lot of money to subsidize the agriculture products and feasibility for organic products. Since the 80s, Danish agriculture is shifting toward organic foods. In 2018 and 2019, the Government of Denmark spent 147 million euros to develop organic foods and help farmers shift to organic farming.

  • China

China is the largest Organic Farming country in Asia and it uses 1,900,000 hectors for organic foods. China is an emerging power after the USA. It is the 4th largest consumer of organic foods in the world.   It has taken initiatives for the development of Organic farming. Organic food production is very widespread in China after the world economies like the US, France, and Germany. It is the fourth largest consumer of organic food.

  • India:


India is the most developing country in South Asia. India has focused on the different issues and it’s emerging economy in the world. A program named as “the Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana” was initiated to develop organic agriculture with a budget of around 41 million euros in 2015. This project was the part of Soil Health Management Scheme(SHMS) and it was initiated by the Federal Govt of India. This program has yielded positive results in ib organic farming. India is the largest producer of organic foods. This boosted up the Indian economy. According to international agricultural research, India is the 8th position according to the area located for organic land. Now figures show that India will lead in organic products in the world if the Indian govt gives equal importance to organic farming.

  • Austria:


In the European Union, Austria has the highest %age  Organic farms which are used to overcome the need for Organic food. From 2011, the Government is spending more than  168 million euros on organic foods in a single year.  Govt is highly subsidizing the organic farming action plan. This plan aims to enhance organic food marketing.  

  • Thailand:


Thailand’s government has taken initiatives to start and develop their organic farming. A 5-year plan was introduced which aimed to support the farmers to shift their agrochemical farming into organic farming. It has given many advantages to Thai Govt, by reducing the imports of agrochemicals to 50%. It boosted organic food exports to 100%. In 2017 Thai Govt formed another plan which was aimed to assist all the farmer to reduce the use of seeds which are dependent on pesticides. They are financially supported to buy organic foods.

Sunflower Organic Farm

India is a growing economy that has produced the world’s largest organic products in last years. The government has taken many initiatives to subsidize and guide farmers properly. In future India will be the world’s number  1st organic farming country if the quality is not questioned.

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