Scope of Organic Food Industry in India


India is leading in the production of organic products in the world. In 2017-2018 India was at the top position in the exports of organic products. According to the FIBL survey 2019, India has maximum producers for organic farming 835000. According to CAGR report, India will increase its volume over 25% in 2021. All of these figures show the Indian Government interests and farmers hard work in organic farming.  This also shows the scope of organic products in India. This scope in the last decade is due to health and food awareness in the people. Indian domestic organic food market will reach to $1.36 billion in 2020.

Difference between Organic food and Inorganic Food Farming

Organic Food Farming:

Organic farming is chemical-free and fertilizers free farming so it is sustainable farming technique. It helps us to main our environment clean and combats to global warming. Due to health benefits, organic farmers get more benefit than inorganic farmers.

Inorganic Farming:

This technique of farming that is done by the use of synthetic fertilizers and without caring about the natural environment. It will pollute our environment.

Scope of Organic Foods in India

The highest demand for Organic food

The organic food industry is an emerging industry in India in the last few years. The demands of the buyers are increasing day by day due to awareness. People connected to organic farming are limited to supply is limited that why the organic food scope is higher than necessary. Still, there is a need to generate more awareness for the development off this industry. People should be given awareness to health and hygiene issues generating from traditional foods. It will be highly appreciated to engage more farmers and business leaders to this industry.

Government Initiative to Promote Organic food Industry

A brilliant initiative started by the Indian was Agri-Udaan. Its main aim was to engage the youth to organic industry this will add smarter organic farming. India is focusing on its agriculture departments and research institutes to flourish their economy. This Govt. is aimed to double the farmer’s income by 2022. Govt. is also stressing the environmental friendly agriculture methods for the better future of upcoming generations.

Future of Organic farming

Due to the rapid advancement of agriculture system, Organic farming is becoming popular. People are getting rid of chemical and poisonous foods; they are wishing to have a nutrient-rich natural diet. They want a healthy, fresh and pure organic meal in their diet. All of this is due to the advancement of technology to aware the people with this type of food industry. People are shifting their family and domestic animals and pets foods toward pure organic foods. This advancement also helped the farmers to produce healthy and nutrient-rich food with the use of limited resources.


ICT in the Organic Food Industry

This developing trend is seen due to awareness spread by youngest organic food farmers and marketers, NGOs and Govt. institutions to adopt healthy and natural lifestyles. This trend is growing day by day and creating a new space for new organic farmers and business leader to enter into this field.

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