Organic Jaggery substitute for tea,
and its benefit

If you are a diabetic patient and you fear from the severe level of sugar the organic jaggery is the best solution to your problem. You want to taste the sweetness then probably go for the Jaggery instead of sugar. You can replace the sugar in tea through jaggery. It will include extraordinary benefits to health. There are different substitutes for diabetic patients like honey, brown sugar, and stevia. If you are love tea more than any drink, and you think a cup of tea will energize your day. Sugar is extensively consumed in many households and tea-shops in India.  Jaggery is natural, Organic, and no chemical product of sugarcane.


Organic Green Tea

Some Important Constituents of Organic Jaggery

Dark Brown Sugar

It is a most important type of organic jaggery and it is a healthier organic product. It is a good alternative for sugar.


It is the best jaggery substitute if you are preparing a dark colour recipe. Then best substitute will be Molasses that is loaded in flavour and required in a small amount

Muscovado Sugar

It is a type of sweet organic jaggery and unrefined sugar that contains molasses. It is available is two farms dark and black.

Maple Syrup

It is best to substitute organic jaggery that is used in the formation of bakery items like Oatmeal cookies and other biscuit products.

Demerara Sugar

It is a dark type of organic jaggery that is found in the form of crystal. It is good for crispy texture products. It is used in tea and coffee and bakery products.

Benefits of jaggery tea in your Life

Helps in Digestive Process: Organic Jaggery tea is very useful for your digestion. It is recommended as medicine in constipation and it improves the digestion of the body.


  Brown Sugar

Treatment of Anemic patients

In the human body, blood is an important component. Blood contains haemoglobin that has a component Iron. Organic jaggery is an important type of sugar that contains iron that helps to carry oxygen to the body and carbon dioxide to the lungs. It is most beneficial to anaemic patients. So we can replace sugar with organic jaggery in tea.

Cold and Cough Treatment

Organic jaggery tea is known as a remedy for cold and cough. It is an organic and healthy product with no side effects. The small amount of jaggery daily will naturally recover your health.Rich with Antioxidants

 Organic Jaggery is a good source of antioxidants that help in boosting the immunity of the body. It helps to protect us from allergic chemicals and eliminate free radicals in the body. It provides strength to bones and joints.

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Jaggery Boosts Immunity

 Acts as refining Agent

Organic Jaggery tea could help you to get rid of chemicals and poisons. Organic Jaggery tea works as a refining agent in the body and removes poisonous chemicals from the body. It can improve overall health to a great extent.

healthy skin

Jaggery acts as a cleansing agent

Aids Weight Loss

Are you willing to lose your weight by natural organic products? You must enjoy tea, green tea or coffee with jaggery. It will remove your extra weight. It creates a healthy metabolism in the body that help you to digest the food easily.

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