Organic Food Startups in India

Organic Food Startups in India


Fresh Organic Vegetables

With the increasing environmental and health problems, more and more people are becoming careful of damaging effects of chemicals like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other artificial chemicals used for food production and processing. Now more peoples are shifting toward the organic foods due to its health impacts. This increase in the demand for organic food shifted the food business toward organic food model. According to the FICCI report, India is among the top five organic foods initiatives countries. The Indian food industry is rapidly shifting toward these foods

Best Organic Food Start-Up in India

  1. Naturally Yours

“Naturally Yours” was a good initiative started by Mr Vinod Kumar and Ms Priya Parkash. The idea and aim behind this initiative were to ease customers to provide all the organic foodstuffs at a single place. Naturally, yours have over 150 organic products and it is working with hundreds of farmer groups across India. This firm provides all regular household organic products. It has been certified by PGS.

  • Brewhouse

It was founded by Siddharta Jain in 2012. Brewhouse became a famous brand for organic tea ice. It is a special type of cold tea used all over the country. It has benefitted the people to lose their weight and to enjoy the summer and winter drinks. It was purely natural and a fresh organic cold drink. This tea speciality contains natural sweeteners, no chemical preservatives, and pure and fresh organic. Now it became the best alternative to beverage due to healthier and tastier. Now Brewhouse is producing diversity of cold drink natural and organic products in India.

  • Just Organik

It was another initiative to promote organic food and farming in Delhi. It was aimed to provide pure organic food available to every citizen in affordable price in India. It was started by Pankaj Agarwal and Richa Agarwal in 2013. “Just Organik” has been certified by the USDA, EU organic, India Organic, and DIPP.

It offers the following organic foods:









Indian Rural Market

  • Joy By Nature

All the organic setup was started with a single force that was shifting India toward healthy Organic foods. These were aimed to provide the entire potential customer’s organic food material. “Joy By Nature” was started by Mr Shailesh Mehta and Rahul Kumar in 2014. It has the most growth rate in India. It includes 35,000 potential customer, offers 10,000 products, and $01 million earning. This firm offers free health consultancy and food nutrition specialists in the country.  This firm growth was aimed to enhance natural products and well being in the citizens.

  • Earth Food

Earth Food was started by 33-year-old MS. Nilesh Palresha in 2016. This firm was also aimed to provide fresh, pure, natural, healthy, nutrient-rich and quality food to citizens. So this group provides every possible help to its farmer to grow healthy foodstuff. It uses tradition agricultural methods to grow crops. These crops were eco-friendly and safe for health. This group provided special training to organic farmers for better organic farming. They focused on chemical-free food for all the citizens of India.

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