How to Identify pure Organic Food?

The Organic Debate – How to know that the food you are buying is truly Organic.

Everyone wants to eat healthy organic foods instead of using chemically processed foods. No one wants to consume harmful, unhealthy, and pesticides. You should be curious that organic foods are pure and real or they are grown by using fertilizers and saved through pesticides.

This is confirmed from the different survey and buying patterns that customer prefers organic foods. However, some questions are difficult to answer for trusting your consumers, How to identify if the Organic food is tagged Organic in the market is, in reality, Organic food?

 If the purity is warranted then consumers will shift towards organic foods.


 Herbs- Pure Organic

Text Box: Pure Organic Honey

Labelling as Organic Food:

In India, word organic foods labelled are not all organic. People labelled different products that are grown in the presence. In stores, many products are labelled as organiccca, organia same as organic. You can verify the purity Organic certification that is labelled on the products.

Certification on Organic:

There are two types of “Organic Certificate” that are mostly used in India.

1: National Program for Organic Production (NPOP):

The national program for organic production is prevalent. These certificates are accredited through, an organization under the “Ministry of Commerce & Industry”.

2: Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS):

This is another Organization that is fully authorized to Certificate “Participatory Guarantee Scheme” (PGS).

This is authorized through the “Ministry of Agriculture through the National Center of Organic Farming” (NCOF).

National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) Certificate:

Worldwide, accredited 3rd parties issue Organic Food Certificates (OFC)  issues the certificates for pure organic foods.  It was NPOP Programme was executed by Govt. of India in 2011 for promoting Organic Farming through the 3rd Party Organization Certificate. Organic food certification carries a warranty for the purity of food through seeing, NPOP logo.

Participatory Guarantee Scheme (PGS) Certificate:

          PGS is a self-certification plan which is the best system for organic foods. Its less costing than NPOP. The cost of NPOP certification is quite high so the farmer can not afford this certification.

In PGS, there are two levels of certifications

  1. PGS India Green:

By joining the PGS Indian green certificate, A farmer enters into the organic farming zone. Now he starts practising organic food cultivation

  • PGS India Organic:

 PGS India Organic will be gotten only on the three years successful cultivation of organic food farming. After it, the farmer enters into PGS India organic

Product Description:

If you desire to purchase real organic products. Then you will have to see the following logos on the products.

  • PGS-India logo
  1. India Organics
  • FSSAI Jaivik-Bharat

You Must Note:-

This method of certification and accreditation costs for farmers. All the farmers pay for their certification.  These logos identify the Organic nature of foods  and this is surety the purity of organic foods. You will get fresh pure organic products if products have these logos.

Benefits of Buying Organic Products

  • Organic food has no harmful hormones and chemical pesticides than fertilized foods.
  • Organic Foods and farming aid conserving and protecting water.
  • Organic farming helps to combat global farming.
  • Organic farming helps to solve serious issues like food supply and human health.
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