Challenges In organic food industry
and solution

We will discuss; which type of challenges the organic industry is facing? How these challenges could be resolved?

Text Box: Pest Attack on Organic Food

The organic food industry is emerging all over the globe. It is not only beneficial to human being but also for the overall health of animal, plants and environment. Farmers try to adapt the safe, healthy and common method for production and distribution.

Most Common challenges faced by Organic food producers

Risk and threat of pests

Organic farming is the only method to grow and develop organic products. Pests and disease-causing agents always attack and destroy organic crops. There is a need to introduce natural and chemical-free repellents in the fields. We can stop resolve these issues by advancing the technology. Pets destroy 1/4th of the total organic foods due to less advancement in technology.

The lowest number of organic farmers

Organic farming needs high risks for growing organic crops. These crops consist of the same seeds and therefore single pest could destroy the whole crop. There is no proper guidance and proper organization to resolve the organic farmer’s issues. All of these problems lead to the lowest number of farmers toward organic farming. It is needed to provide proper supply chains to organic farmers. The farmer could get access to the market rapidly to deliver their products.

Transportation Issue of Organic Food

Transportation of organic products is a major challenge faced by farmers. Organic foods have short life spam. They are processed without the use of chemicals. So Fresh and pure organic food needs proper and fast transportation system for its purity. The government should take proper steps for its transportation and avoid farmers from any loss.

Issues of Certification

For the certification of organic farming needs different steps like 3 years for organic inspection, a group of five framers and heavy charges for certification. All of these need to be revised to provide facilities to organic farmers. They should provide opportunities for free and facilitated certification. This will motivate the farmers to shift toward organic farming.

Proper Farming Policies

Government is following strict policies and rules for organic farmers. It is not focusing on the problems of these farmers. If the situation is not solved many farmers will again shift toward the synthetic farming/non-organic farming. Government is not properly subsidizing the organic farmers to full fill their needs. They are not given any importance in national mainstreams.


Spider on Grapes

The solution to these challenges

The government should participate in the problem solution of these organic farmers. Govt. should announce the subsidies and improved transportation system, Free and easy certification. All of these will strengthen the organic and smart agriculture. Govt. should introduce the proper mechanism for the advancement of organic farming. This development will strengthen the exports of your country. The foreign world has more demands of organic foods; if we can provide pure, fresh and healthy organic food then your country will get more benefits in the form of development in the economy. The government should set up a research institute for the proper advancement of organic seeds, fruits and their nutrient needs.

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