Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) who is responsible for boosting the export of agricultural products comes up with good news. According to the statement released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, to give relief to exporters APEDA added up more 135 laboratories to the existing 51 recognized laboratories. With this, the total count of laboratories in the country reached 186. APEDA which is one of the top bodies under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry always work to promote export from India.  

This addition in the number of laboratories will be helpful for the export as the in Agri export supply chain, laboratory testing requirements plays an important role. In laboratories addition, Maharashtra got more number of laboratories which is 35, Gujarat got 23 laboratories, Tamil Nadu also got 23 laboratories, Karnataka got 17 laboratories and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana together got 10 laboratories. The laboratories have been hiked in those states, which have the exporting prospective.

In order to grow laboratory network ahead Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) emphasis on policy decision for easing of APEDA recognition of laboratories. According to the reports, to make easy the recognition of labs, the APEDA has taken a policy decision. It has been discussed that the laboratories which are NABL accredited would be recognized by APEDA and those all will be counted in APEDA recognition laboratories network. It will assist APEDA to grow its recognition network of laboratories rapidly in the country. These all will help exporters in a good way. Now, exporters can have easy access to the laboratories as per their region for testing the agricultural products.

Due to the absence of APEDA in many regions, exporters had to face hardship. But now the addition of the Agri products testing laboratories will provide relief to the exporters. APEDA from time to time keeps taking steps to promote Agri product export. It has always been at the forefront in uplifting and boosting the export of many agricultural commodities and also aided exporters to provide the platform to sell their product to the global market.  

Also, from the perspective of the organic food industry, this is a good move. APEDA has recently stated that looking at the current global market conditions it seems Agri export from India is likely to touch whopping US Dollar 60 billion by the year 2022. The demand for Indian Agri product is increasing day by day in the international market. Likewise, also there is a huge demand for Indian organic produces in abroad. In the marketing year 2018-2019, India witnessed jumped in organic product exports, which is almost 49 per cent more at Rs 5151 crore (757 million dollars). India had exported organic products worth Rs Rs 3453 Crore in 2017-18 season. Looking at the current scenario it seems India’s export for organic products will be a huge hit in the coming years.

The growing demand for Indian organic products are from mainly from South Korea, Canada, and Taiwan in the current years. Germany has remained of the biggest importers of Indian organic products. And now also many countries are joining the list.

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