Actress Harshada Patil on Coronavirus crisis

Actress Harshada Patil on Coronavirus crisis

Actress Harshada Patil is requesting our PM to Please, Please, Please consider the COVID-19 crisis situation, which India is going through under NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY.

Padman actress Harshada Patil is self-quarantined, entertaining and inspiring her fans through her videos. She has been making the most of her free time doing household chores and running daily errands.

Harshada is staying in touch with her fans and updating them about her routine. Today the actress went for some grocery shopping and observed something absolutely astonishing.

“The vegetable vendors and grocery shop owners are lootofing the Public. Why? I mean, in this time of crises how can someone behave so selfishly. Is there no humanity left any more among we INDIANS. Are the prices really increased or it’s just that looking at me and my standard of living they are charging me more? Or is it happening with you all too in your own cities as well?? Is the middle men responsible for the hike in the prices or are the shopkeepers doing it for their own personal benefits” asks Harshada.

The effect of Coronavirus which wreaks havoc all over the world, is visible in the behavior of the merchants who are selling the basic commodities.

Harshada says “In this situation people should keep their selfish motives aside and think selfless. Before dying of Corona people may die of hunger. I request PM Modi ji to please look into this problem and resolve it. I guess only our Government can make it CRYSTAL CLEAR.”

Harshada who is known to be a beauty with brains was very happy with the step taken by the our Prime Minister of announcing the National Relief Fund. As we have to save our country. It was the need of the hour.

Considering the situation in each state and the situation of entire Nation, Harshada urges Narendra Modi to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE treat this crises under ‘NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY.’

“A humble request to our government who is doing it’s best ,to please collect all the funds wheather big or small at one place, so that it would be easy to decide what are the immediate basic necessities for the nation related to HEALTH. Otherwise there will be lots of miss understandings and delays and all our efforts will go in VAIN.”

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